Jamtech connects local contractors and workers to new development projects in southeast Queens, New York. We are seeking to qualify 15 more contractors and workers by the end of this month. About Us Southeast Queens is rebuilding... High quality garantied

JamTech is more

than a construction company. About Us
We bring your ideas to life JamTech is more than a consultation company. About Us

We Are BuildWall

We have been transforming the ideas and visions into award-winning projects.


Inspired by the futuristics of advanced technology, JamTech is the virtual support system for every tech-based company in Southeast Queens and beyond. It is a revolutionary platform that is innovating the field, one team at a time!


What We Do

We offer a robust platform to the different teams of engineers, architects, designers and creatives to get together to innovate the service sector in Queens, NYC.


It is a unique collective that helps you navigate through the challenges of consultation, technology adjustment, and business facilitation at a leisurely pace.

About us

What is JamTech?

JamTech is a diverse and dynamic platform made up of teams with an excellent repertoire. We are a collective that offers a wide spectrum of services. From design to entrepreneurial facilitation, you can find an answer for every woe for your business and its buildings!

We Take Pride In Our Innovative Approach

The JamTech platform belongs to minds that seek innovation and growth in the service sector as a whole. We aim to deliver a next-gen solution in the industry that provides an excellent experience to everyone seeking guidance in the fields of entrepreneurship, engineering, design and whatnot.

We Deliver Every Claim

As an extensive team of well-seasoned specialists, we ensure the delivery of every claim. You receive a high-quality product before the clock strikes on the deadline!

Committed to building

Deliver innovation in every idea! As a company, JamTech intends to leave an imprint on the industry that not only changes the technology but also inspires others to join us. The diversity in our team ensures a balanced approach towards ideas and thoughts that can take you further than your competition.

What We Do?

We deliver an all-inclusive experience to our clients that keeps you hooked to our expertise!